Crochet Pencil Case Cover

Crochet Pencil Case Cover

I had several of these drink mix containers that I had been saving because I knew I could make something crafty with them. I also have a lot of writing utensils that needed a home. So I thought I could use the containers but dress them up a bit. The outer paper rips off quite easily!

With worsted weight yarn (I used Yarn Bee Soft Secret from Hobby Lobby but I found it to be quite “splitty” for crochet). Very pretty and shiny, though!

H hook

Five colors (I used pink, green, orange, red, and blue)

It’s basically a tube created by crocheting in rounds.  Nothing fancy, but by using some cool colors and a random stripe pattern, we get an unusual finished piece.


This piece is made in rounds that are joined. Break off yarn as needed following the stripe pattern:

1, 2: orange  
3, 4:  red
5:  blue 
6, 7:  orange 
8:  blue
9: red
10:  pink 
11, 12:  blue 
13, 14, 15:  pink 
16, 17: lime green 
18, 19:  blue 
20:  lime green 
21, 22:  pink 
23, 24, 25:  blue
26, 27: orange 
28, 29, 30:  blue
31: pink
32, 33: lime green
34, 35: orange

Chain 30, join with slip st to first chain to form a ring (being ever so careful not to twist or you’ll end up with a Moebius strip!).

Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc in same ch as joining and in each ch around. Join with sl st to first sc

Rds 2-35: Ch 1, sc in same st as joining and in each sc around. Join with sl st to first sc.

Finish off and hide all ends. Then just slide it onto the container. Done!


  1. Very functional and very pretty :)

    I have a few containers and jars I have been meaning to cover - must experiment sometime soon.

  2. Love it! Bright, fun to hook and very useful result! I did the same thing to a shorter container for my husband to store screwdrivers etc in his workshop - it's jollied up his work bench no end! E x

  3. Is that a worsted weight yarn? It looks really similar to Caron Simply Soft. Gorgeous colour choices!


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