Crocheted Magic Glove Extensions

Crocheted Magic Glove Extensions

I love magic gloves, but they are so very short! I had an idea for making them longer by adding crochet bands. I couldn't find any patterns, so I just decided to invent something!

Using an F hook (3.75 mm) and some worsted weight yarn in a coordinating color, I made a foundation row of sc by pushing the hook through the edge of the glove. It went in fairly easily.

 Using the ribbing as a guide, I placed a stitch in between each rib all around the cuff (35 sc).
Join with a sl st to the first sc,
Rounds 2-9: ch 1, sc in same sc as joining, sc in each st around
Break off yarn and hide ends.

This can easily be made longer by adding more rounds. I did 9 total rounds, which added nearly 2 inches to the original length.


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